What we’re all going through is a perfect time for learning how to deal with the feelings associated with loss & losing.

Just because someone has experienced loss in their lives, does not necessarily mean they’ve processed the feelings associated with it or learned how to integrate them into their lives.

For a long time, words like loss & losing were seldom uttered culturally. Things like hustling, beast mode, can’t stop, won’t stop, rest when you’re dead all took center stage … until the Corona virus hit.

However, now we’re all starting to see the importance of learning how to deal with these powerful feelings & most importantly, learning how to navigate them as gracefully as possible. These days, everyone is losing something; their job, their health, a loved one, their freedoms to do all kinds of things etc.

Everyone is being confronted by the feelings of loss & there’s nothing they can do about it except for dealing with it once & for all & learning to find their way.

People who’ve never learned these skills are having a very tough time right now, because they aren’t equipped with the skills necessary to know how to navigate & deal with these intense feelings.

If you’re looking to improve your health & wellbeing as I always am, it would behoove you to look into improving your relationship with losing & loss, because its the foundation of all deep healing work – it’s all about letting go of something.

The fittest is not the strongest, but the most adaptable – Essential Darwinism.

Happy Passover everyone!