For those of you who read my last email, you would’ve heard that Manu, one of my teachers, and favorite people in the world died a couple of weeks ago.

I encourage you to read it before reading this one so that you’ll have some context for this email – here’s the link below.

Many people close to my Maori friends/teachers have been expressing a lot of grief and loss these passed couple of weeks.

Tons of pictures and stories of him were posted on Facebook, and to say that a lot of us are missing him is an understatement.

For me, on top of the feelings of loss, has come another sense/feeling that I’d like to share with you that might help you in some way as it’s been doing for me.

Along with my sadness at the thought of not ever going to be able to hang, learn, and play with Manu anymore on this physical plane, has me thinking about him and what he’d want from me now that he’s “gone.”

To me, his body and our physical interaction is gone, but in some way, it’s not.

Instead of just feeling grief and loss, I’m also thinking and talking with Manu as we normally would and listening to what he has to say to me.

I feel his voice and how he would talk with me, his way of being and the energy he had with me. I can hear and feel what he would say to a lot of the things I would ask him.

I guess you can say that he’s been motivating and encouraging me since he’s been gone.

There’s this continued rise and sense of boldness, intention and urgency in creating those things he knows that I want to create in my life and practice.

I know that loss effects everyone differently, and that not all of them are created equally, however it did have me thinking about how one can choose to drive their grief to create rather then have it back up on them and have them fall into despair, and many other difficult and dark places…

… none of which I could ever blame anyone for experiencing.

My relationship with Manu, continues.

I think about him daily, especially in my work with clients, as I’ve said.

And knowing him as I do, I’m channeling my feelings and the loss of him into continuing to create just as I know he would want of me – expect of me.

Not that he would be disappointed if I were to be struggling in some way, but optimally he’d want me to be bold and unapologetic about being me and what I want to create in life.

For some like me, losing someone has “inspired” them to channel that loss and the memory of someone special into creating new things in their life.

But for some, they’ve lost people that were negative influences in their life, and I can understand how channeling that loss into creation might be a bit of a trickier thing to do; however one that could be achieved just as well.

Negative influences can be just as motivating as loving ones can be; actually probably more so.

However, at some point along your path of driving your emotions into creating new positive things in your life, you’re going to have to seek some kind of emotional healing therapy to deal with your feelings about that person and the loss regardless of whether they were good or bad influences.

It’s not healthy to leave things unresolved in that way, only to use those emotions to create.

At some point, those same emotions that drive you to create and “succeed” in certain areas of your life, can also wreak havoc in other areas of your life if left unhealed and accounted for.

All my best,