For me … It’s more like, single, in the time of Corona. For some, they are quarantined with their significant other, husband, wife,kids etc. while others like myself, are single. I kept saying Love in the time of Corona, which always followed with an eye roll when continuing to talk about the subject with someone, because I was having a bit of a tough time finding my way with it; horny, lonely, the usual. I thought it would be fun to write something about the subject as it might bring me some kind of magical relief by communicating about it … plus, I knew I had a strong title, so hear we are. I’ve been talking with clients & all kinds of people who are sharing with me what it’s been like with regards to relationships or the lack thereof & being single during this time & the consensus is that everyone is finding their way with the challenges for a myriad of reasons. For us single folk, it’s not smart to set up up & arrange “dates” during these times so as not to spread the virus, so what we’re left with is “FaceTime quarantine dates” & a healthy dose of masterbation – love the one you’re with, right!? Mostly in my head, up until writing this, I was calling the Quarantine time we’re in, The Great Compression, because it’s been compressing a lot of people’s issues that have been lurking in their lives pre-Corona time. Meaning; before all this started, a good majority of people, single or in relationships, had some kind of “issue” or problem that they weren’t tending to, or, not as in depth as they could have been giving it the proper attention & focus. The Corona virus & the associated quarantine time we’ve been mandated has caused a time of compression where we’ve become forced to come face to face with the issues that were dormant for quite some time. For me, I’ve become increasingly serious about shifting my dating habits over the last couple of years & doing a lot of inner healing type work to clear the way for a relationship to come into my life.

Without dragging this story out too long, suffice to say this quarantine time has given me even more of an opportunity to dig deep & search my feelings to get clear with the type of family I’d like to create. I can’t give examples of the kinds of things all my clients are going through in their lives, but what I can say is that my desire is that you take this time to look at whatever kind of relationship you’re in, including the one with yourself, to see some of the areas you’re struggling with & bucking up against just as I am. Make the most of this isolation time & get clear with the struggles that you’ve been encountering & not dealing with before all this hit. And if you’re not struggling, maybe it’s a matter of simply getting in touch with new found realizations about yourself that will only enhance or improve you’re already thriving relationships.