“Love is an interruption in the direction you thought you were headed”

Since meeting my lady & being blind-sided by love during quarantine, part of my healing path has been to let go of the vision for having a family that I held for much of my life & to celebrate the life I didn’t expect. This came as a surprise, but it also brought some clarity.

Most people have some kind of goals they set for themselves. In certain self-help spaces, they feel it’s especially important to clarify & set those goals if they are to be successful.

However, what most don’t account for are the influences of entities like God, universal intelligence, love – & this idea of allowing oneself to being surprised. You can make all the plans you want, but it would also be wise to allow the space to be surprised along the way; I did.

My vision for years was that I was going to be an older dad; that guy waiting behind a chain-link fence or in a car line at school, waiting to pick up my child. I was prepared to be asked if I was picking up my grandkid, while I smirked replying “no, just my kid.”

It’s only now with hindsight that I can see how I ended up in the place that I’m in. I’m a Chiropractor by degree, but to all those I see in my practice, they’d say our sessions don’t look like what you would expect it to look like. My craft has definitely been shaped by life, with all its breakdowns, traumas & serendipitous events that have taken place.

All of these personal events have also contributed to being single for 13 years, while being totally committed & immersed into my own healing & the creation of the craft I currently practice. I certainly didn’t intend on being single that long & I definitely didn’t intend on not having kids, but it’s clear that is my path.

It’s not that either of us can’t have them; as far as I know, we’re medically able, it’s just not our path. I’m open to being surprised in that changing in the coming year while making plans to get married, but for now, it’s clear we’re not.

It’s a powerful notion to allow oneself the space to be surprised, all the while passionately committing oneself to a particular path.