When we’re terrified, we lose perception … & that’s exactly what’s been happening to us over the last several months – a constant steady stream of fear, pumped through our television, making our perception, intuition & intelligence obsolete.

Over time, that fear becomes paralyzing. We continue to lose even more perception in what’s really going on & we start to follow what we’re being told & what others are doing, regardless of whether it’s actually good for us or not.

A lot of people have to believe everything they are hearing about COVID-19 is true … why? Because if they didn’t, they’d lose their gawd-damn minds. They’d be so pissed off, they probably wouldn’t know what to do with all their anger; either that or become apathetic.

It’s a defense mechanism for sure, designed to protect us on some level; but it’s also one that shuts down our intelligence nonetheless. It’s like anything in our lives, it’s easier to listen & fall in line to what we’re being told, rather than to take full responsibility for our own health & lives.

Let’s collectively wake-up from the fearful slumber we’ve been lulled into. The longer it takes us to recognize that we’ve been paralyzed by fear, the more difficult it will be to move through life without it when things really open up again. A shitty vaccine won’t cure our battle with fear.