Some people have a difficult time making a connection with how the bodywork portion of healing that the Maori and I do, relates to all the “therapy-style” conversations people have with their coaches and therapists.

Some people are very disconnected from their body.

They get that on an intellectual level, the mind is connected with the body, but when it comes to actually feeling the relationship, they sometimes have difficulty making that connection.

It’s extremely vital to make this connection and here are a few reasons why:

If you’re disconnected with your body, you’re going to be somewhat perplexed and having to guess why you’re feeling the things your body is experiencing: pain, discomfort, tightness, soreness, weight gain, weight loss, disease or a myriad of other symptoms.

Also, if you were able to make this connection, you’d have a better idea of how your emotions and mental state manifest in your body.

Yes, your personality type, your struggle with different emotions, mental attitude and even past trauma have a massive impact on your body.

Making this connection is also important because the body has a very different intelligence then the mind.

Culturally, people tend to over-emphasize the usage and reliance of their mind to think their way through all kinds of things in their life, while deemphasizing that of the body’s wisdom; however this can only get people so far.

Most people instinctively and intuitively start to get/feel how the two are related, but for some, they have a difficult time feeling anything other then the physical healing aspects of the bodywork.

For some, they might make this connection immediately, while for others there’s a delay sometimes lasting a few days later, months or even years later.

I know that last line sounds a bit odd, but sometimes things come up in life that has them reminded of their session and it’s in that moment that they realize something happened in that session and why it took so long for them to see and feel it.

And then having said that, some people just flat out don’t want to see the connection of how the two relate.

They probably don’t want to see how a lot of their suffering is their own doing – how the way they are being and thinking is impacting their health and body.

It might just be easier for them to say the bodywork didn’t do anything or that they didn’t see a difference.

However, this style of work and the depth that it can help people reach is undeniable in it’s ability. It’s the primary goal of the technique unlike other regular massage and bodywork techniques.

To not make ANY deeper connection into oneself usually speaks to a major denial or disconnection issue in someone.

Then again, it also could be that someone has some kind of severe traumatic experience stored deep in their body making it extremely threatening to them to reconnect with it again.

All of this is understandable and everyone has his or her own road to walk.

To me, knowing how this kind of bodywork connects to my thinking, feeling, and my past is a very creative and intriguing thing to me.

It’s an intimate relationship and connection I’m constantly making, noticing, and developing.

With a deeper connection and understanding,