With the quarantine associated with the Corona virus in full swing, it seems as though there might be some good to come out of it after all. Before I go any further, let me say now that I am extremely hesitant to use these words because of the people & families negatively being effected by it all in one way or another. While on that note, let me say that my heart goes out to all those effected, especially those who have become ill & lost loved ones.

Having said that, allow me just a little room to go on with a bit of good that might be coming out of all of this. Because many people are at home, some of what I’m hearing by friends & clients is that people are straightening up & organizing their home & in doing that, they are going down memory lane while coming across old pictures. I’ve not currently been down memory lane these days, but I have before several times & I know the feelings that come from doing that kind of journey; especially when it comes to getting rid of some old items that energetically no longer serve your new life any longer.

If there’s one good thing to come out of this quarantine, it’s that people across the board are becoming increasingly more emotionally connected to their heart these days. And for that, I’m happy to see it. All of us are re-evaluating many things about our lives & part of doing that, is getting in touch with our feelings associated with it all; our relationships, job, family, health, the past, past trauma etc. All of this isolation is forcing us to pay more attention to our emotional selves that we might have been too busy or distracted to consider before.

It might be me, but people seem to be friendlier because of this slowing down. Just the other day while walking in the hills, I made eye contact with this person driving this cool truck & we gave each other the “bro-nod” & flashed each other the peace ✌️ sign as he drove by me. I said to my friend (walking 6ft.apart) that one good thing coming out of all of this is that people have been friendlier; that instead of Namaste, where the light in me, sees & recognizes the light in you, It’s more like, the fear we’re seeing in ourselves, we’re seeing in each other … & that’s actually been a good thing to experience, especially if it causes us all to be more heart-centered & bit closer to each other because of it.