Our bodies don’t let us down, we let our bodies down.

Going through life thinking that your body let you down is a poor way to live. Whether it’s an illness, some kind of body pain, or something aesthetically unpleasant about it, this kind of a narrative is not going to serve us well.

How well do you think the body will respond & function with this type of attitude toward it?

Said another way, If we could think of our body as if it were a relationship with another person, we would be more able to clearly see how this kind of narrative toward that person would not be taken kindly by them.

Our bodies don’t disappoint us, we disappoint them by not providing the love, care, attention & acceptance they so desperately require & crave, despite their struggles.

Regardless of what condition we were born with, developed later in life, or the health crises we’ve endured, we must find our way to acceptance.

Just as with any relationship, having acceptance for who our partner is and isn’t is an essential ingredient to developing a healthy partnership.