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A Course In Healing

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This is a relationship course with your health and body

Many people know that emotional healing is a necessary component to overall healing, and they might even understand how it relates to their physical body and health, but where are these conversations taking place?

Do you seek professionals in mental/emotional healing, but find these practitioners lack the expertise in physical healing; do you also notice they lack the ability to help make connections between the your physical body and health with the emotional aspects of you?

Have you sought out physical healers only to find that they don’t have the ability to help you with the emotional aspect of your healing?

I understand both, and this course is specifically designed to help bridge that gap for you.

Pain is the body’s way of getting our attention and telling us that we are in pain; but often times, it’s something emotional deep within us that are the cause of our physical symptoms.

This seminar is for those who want to address the emotional component of healing and how it contributes to the physical healing of their body and life.

I will show you the connection between that part of your brain that sees things as physically tangible and measurable, while at the same time how the other part of your mind that is more intuitive; the part that feels and hears dissonance emotionally and energetically.

The result is in realizing that there is a relationship between the two, and being able to witness firsthand how both come together is where the magic happens.

It’s called a relationship course with your health and body because we are going to take a look at how you relate with your health as if it’s an actual person you have an intimate relationship with; we are going to take a look at how that relationship is going and how that might be affecting the state of your health and condition of your body.

The conversations that we will have in this seminar are collaborative and intuitive on my part, and they are interpreted by me as direct communications from your body, what it yearns to say, and what it wants you to acknowledge.

This seminar is facilitated by Dr.Harold Turk, D.C. By degree I am a Chiropractor, having practiced in the traditional form. However, since 2003, I have been practicing in a way that looks more therapeutic and less “Chiropractic”. What that means is that I combine what looks like talk therapy, or a kind of coaching with a unique style of hands on deep tissue body-therapy that looks and feels like massage. ts designed to locate and uproot emotional issues stuck in the body – and I integrate all of this with formal Chiropractic services. The idea of this work is to listen for the emotional and energetic conflict and dissonance within you, while seeing/listening to how it relates to every aspect of your physical pain and life.

The outcome is a physical and emotional liberation of your pain, while having a deep understanding of the connection with your mind and body that is causing all kinds of unwanted and repeated issues in your life. Another result of doing work like this is often a systemic rippling of healing throughout your life. When our emotional self is set free, so is everything it is connected to; which includes: money, our career and craft/work, as well as our intimate relationships.


What you will learn in this seminar

1. How your core emotional entanglement contributes to your physical pain and/or health issue.

2. Anew, deeper, visceral connection with your emotions and your body, giving you a deeper sense of understanding your pain and problem.

3. Fresh perspectives and options for dealing with your particular problem that most practitioners do not offer.

4. The opportunity to have an inside look at what others struggle with, and the different physical expression of those emotional issues; many of which sound similar to your own struggles, which will give you a more intimate connection with others rather than leaving you feeling separated because of the of your problem.

5. How to utilize other modalities and health practitioners, including medicine to ease your pain and struggle.

6. How to have a powerful relationship with your emotions and learn how to have them heal you, instead of hurt you.

7. You will learn how your health issues have more dimension to them than you previously understood.

8. You will come to think about diagnosis as something more evolving and ongoing, as compared to one that is medical, static or a fixed diagnosis.

9. How to utilize your health and life issues as a way to see things about yourself and your life you were previously unaware of, or unable to see.

10. How to be with and gain wisdom from your pain.


Who this seminar is for?

This seminar is for anyone who is seeking relief from physical and emotional pain for any reason.

Here are a few examples of who those people are:

Anyone struggling to find the root cause of their pain, illness and disease.

Anyone with trauma: Physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual.

Anyone with body pain or illness related to emotional pain and stress.

People frustrated with having to see multiple practitioners to solve their pain, or looking for a unique perspective and solution to their pain.

People struggling with transitioning in their life, from: a break up/ divorce, change of job, or geographical change.

People struggling with grief, death or loss of a loved one.

People struggling with finding direction and purpose in their life.

People struggling with relationship issues.

People needing help with the opening of their heart, mind, body and soul.

People needing help with their career, money and craft as it relates to their emotional issues.

People struggling with weight loss, cigarette smoking and other addictions.

People struggling with anxiety and depression (people I consider “well” not defined medically as clinically depressed or who are in need of more serious medical attention.)

People suffering from some kind of energy issue like: Adrenal fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

People/couples with fertility issues.

Individuals suffering from clenching or grinding of the teeth.



This seminar is a powerful collaboration; with my unique expertise, and a commitment on your part, we have a formula to create extraordinary health in all aspects of your life.

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