So as it turns out, I’ll be hosting/booking appointments for people to see my Maori Healer teachers for healing sessions on Friday and Saturday September 29th and 30th.

We added LA as one of their stops on their way from touring in Europe and making their way over to Hawaii where they’ll be doing a women’s trauma healing workshop.

Of course, I’m excited about seeing them, but I’m sure a new level of loss will hit me when I see that it will sadly not include Manu.

I had this thought that I wanted to share with you before I give you the details about booking a healing session with them.

I was thinking that for those who know my Maori friends and will be coming for sessions when they’re in town, that no matter how excited people will be to see Ata and Terence, there will also most likely be grief and loss included.

That regardless of what you’re specific intention will be for your healing sessions with them, be it physical pain and injury, past trauma, or fertility issues (Ata’s specialty) the context will also include loss.

I’ll obviously be so happy to see them as I always do, but it will also probably include having a heavy heart.

How can it not include all that considering how strong of a connection and presence Manu was?

Having said that, the ability to emotionally process and integrate loss and grief is necessary if you’re to have a “good life.”

I know it seems like some kind of contradiction, but it’s true nonetheless.

And for those who seek health and healing, to have the ability and be able to process and integrate feelings of loss, sadness, grief and letting go is essential.

It’s one thing to bring healthy foods and supplements into our bodies, however having the ability to let go, and let out, and emotionally move and process grief and loss must also be considered a integral part of your healing repertoire.

We need to train ourselves and to learn how to let go and open up our emotional bodies just as much as we need to learn how to push our physical bodies – and the balance of the two are vital.

That being said, it will be a good time as it always is having them here.

They’ll be laughing, joking around, wisecracks, yelling, crying, and tons of transformative healing and relief for everyone.

For those who don’t know what my Maori friends do, here’s a brief synopsis.

It looks and feels like a massage.

However, in some great unique way while receiving this massage, you’ll also feel clear and aligned mentally, emotionally and spiritually and connected with your body – you’ll “see” and feel how all the parts of you come together.

The connection with our body is not just a cliché, “Mind body connection”…

…it’s a real, tangible ability one can develop and its benefits are priceless.

And if you pay close enough attention, you’ll get insight into why certain aspects of your life aren’t flowing or working so well; it will bring you into connection with it.

It’s for those needing a “push” or have been stagnating in some way in their life and are motivated to causing a shift within.

And for those who have therapists or coaches in their lives, this particular kind of physical modality will be a great adjunct in helping you make connections with your body, to all the things you discuss with them.

Many people receive lots of benefit from talk-type therapy (I do); however, they often miss the physical connection with their bodies to all those great insights and conversations they’re having with those people.

Enough, here are the details:

Where: Topanga, California

When: Friday and Saturday September 29th and 30th

Cost: $200 cash

How to book an appointment: Email or text me

For those out of towners, I urge you to come into town for a visit with them. They won’t be here long and they will be going back to New Zealand soon after.

For those needing more info, feel free to write me.

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.