One day only, sessions available this Saturday October 12th.

Below is part of an Instagram post I recently wrote, that describes an aspect of what Maori Healing bodywork helps people with. Details for Saturday are below.

Body Armor

What is it & how do we get rid of it?

Its a term that refers to an energetic armor or shielding, designed to protect us from people and things from emotionally, physically or psychically hurting us.

It’s benefit is clear, to keep us safe, however the cost might not totally be. This armoring keeps us protected, but it also keeps people, opportunities & love from coming into our lives; basically, we slowly die on the inside, while protecting ourselves from being hurt by the outside world.

It can also be unconsciously or consciously created from a past trauma. Depending on the specific type of trauma we’ve encountered, we may be surprised where we’ve stored the trauma in our bodies & created the armor.

This armoring also contributes to our bodies becoming disconnected & not functioning optimally.

Anytime there’s armoring, there’s also a disconnection from that area of the body – we’re disconnecting from the emotional pain we’ve experienced. And if there’s disconnection, there’s dysfunction. And if disconnection & dysfunction have gone on for long periods of time, we can start to expect pain – and if the dysfunction is not cared for, it can start to manifest into further health & body related problems & sickness.

How do we get rid of it?

One has to want to get rid of it. As soon as one commits to stripping off their armor, all kinds of opportunities, people & techniques present themselves.

Aside from my work, any kind of therapeutic conversation & physical healing modality that involves connecting one’s emotions to that area of the body, can technically help you to remove the armor. It can’t be an intellectual practice, it must involve your emotions and deeper feelings.

Where my work does step out beyond typical healing modalities & practices, is that it has the capacity to get into heavily entrenched trauma & armoring that’s been in place for a long time. Maori-style Healing & Bodywork is specifically designed for this kind of healing work, & that’s part of why I love it so much.

Work like this is not easy to come by, even for us LA-folk, who seem to have every resource we desire available to us.

For all intents and purposes, it looks and feels like a sports-type massage, however, instead of just reaping the physical benefits of healing from it, somehow we’re able to receive emotional and energetic healing as well.

Afterward, you feel like you’re aligned and more intimately connected, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

The benefits of receiving work like this, beyond just the physical healing, is that you become more connected to your emotions and how they connect with your physical pain and body.

You can also begin to connect with past trauma, that’s impeding your current life.

Often times you’ll receive clarity & vision for your life and purpose, and you’ll feel more inspired and settled deeper into your body.

This kind of work is for those seeking physical and emotional healing, some kind of reboot and spark; it’s for those who feel lost and seeking something new to help them heal and move forward. It’s for those seeking new insight and a different solution for their health & body issues.

My main teacher, Ata, is a specialist in facilitating women’s healing; whether it’s fertility issues, or other female/gynecological type issues, trauma and needs.

If you’re specifically seeking Ata’s help for any of the above reasons, please let me know that when you book your appointment.

Each session lasts between 45 minutes to and hour and a half, and it all depends on your particular healer, and what they feel they need to do with you.

They’re not from our Western Culture, and much like Eastern culture, their healing paradigm is different from ours, so keep that in mind.

For instance, unlike our culture, where we want our time regardless if it’s needed or not, they do what’s needed in that particular visit, regardless of how much time it takes.

Also, Ata is constantly reading the room for those who are coming for sessions, and she matches them up with particular healers that she feels would be a good fit for them, rather than us choosing the healer we want.

Having said all that, it’s for those who are serious and desiring some kind of deeper healing for their life.

To your continuous healing,


Where: Woodland Hills, California (Exact address will be sent out after confirming your appointment)

When: This Saturday October 12th

Cost: $200 cash per session

Time: 9-1

– Each session ranges between 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

– Please come at least 15 minutes early and allow extra time just in case things run over with others.

Contact: Please text me to 818.929.8198 with your full name, email & who referred you.