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My Services

All my sessions may include: the hands on Body-therapy, Conversation/Coaching and Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment. Each session is specifically tailored to your needs according to what is best for you at the time and particular session.

Dr. Turk also creates specific individualized structured programs for his clients to ensures their success in healing.

Chiropractic Work

Dr. Turk is a Chiropractor by trade, with over 20 years of experience in the field. Chiropractic work is an integrative holistic practice focused on correcting misalignments of the spine, otherwise known as subluxation. As part of his a la carte services, Dr. Turk offers spinal adjustments to alleviate his clients’ pain associated with such misalignments. Dr. Turk also incorporates Chiropractic adjustments as part of his bodywork services to deepen the release of tension stored by the body. 

Maori-Style Somatic Therapy and Deep-Tissue Body Work

The Maori-style of somatic therapy takes a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to healing the body and stored trauma. Rooted in the ancient modality developed by the Maori people indigenous to New Zealand, this unique and deeply moving approach views pain and disease as an expression of stored trauma and emotion in the body. To clear these energies, Maori-trained bodyworkers tune into an intuitive connection with each client and his/her body to then support the release of those stored traumas and emotions at a musculo-cellular level. Dr. Turk works with clients in both this style of somatic therapy and a more traditional style of deep tissue bodywork.

Mindful Coaching

Deeply committed to personal development and the Human evolution, Dr. Turk has seen the powerful mind-body connection — how our beliefs drive our actions and impact our overall health and well being. Dr. Turk has observed his clients’ thoughts and emotional traumas manifest in the body and in almost every area of their lives. His coaching style incorporates intuitive and practical approaches that support clients as they make some of the most important adjustments in their lives.

Phone or Skype Consultation

(15 minutes) No Charge

This consultation is to be utilized for new clients in order for us to get to know each other, as well as to discover if my services can provide a solution for your needs. At the end of that conversation, there will be an opportunity to book an appointment, however the phone consultation does not obligate you in any way.

A recommendation for new clients:

Two-session consultation

In this two-session consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about myself, my practice, and the unique approach I utilize to help you reach your fullest potential in health and Life. These sessions may include an explanation and demonstration with any and all of my healing therapy process: the intuitive conversation regarding your desires, intentions and goals, as well as your stresses, emotional burdens, physical pain and illness. It can also include and conclude with a unique style of deep tissue bodywork and a Chiropractic alignment.The second appointment serves as an opportunity to follow up to review your experience during your initial session with me. It’s to hear my opinions and communicate with you about what I feel will help you, and for us to determine if my approach toward your wellbeing, is the right fit for your needs. From this place, you’ll be clear with how you’d like to utilize my skills and unique healing therapies for your life moving forward.


(n.) a style of bodywork rooted in the ancient, indigenous practice created by the Maori Healers of New Zealand. 


The foundation of the Maori Method is a belief that trauma, physical, mental, and emotional is stored in our bodies at a cellular and neurological level. This cathartic form of somatic therapy helps people heal and express the feelings stuck deep within them, while simultaneously healing their physical body. Through a combination of intuitive client-practitioner connection and deep tissue massage, clients start to experience transformational releases that can exhibit as tears (sadness or grief leaving the body), yelling (anger, fear), uncontrollable laughter (joy), temporary congestion as inflammation moves, among others. Many clients feel a euphoric, buzzing and calming sensation as the body and mind recalibrate after such releases. The Maori Method, created by Dr. Turk, also integrates Chiropractic adjustments to further relieve pressure on the Central Nervous System, the master control center for every system of the body, and gentle coaching during bodywork sessions to support clients as they release what no longer serves the mind, body and spirit. The third element of Dr. Turk’s Maori Method is one-on-one coaching to guide clients as they process the shifts being made in their lives and as a result of the somatic work.

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