So I got sick last week, and I’m all better now..

.. but it got me thinking that it might be helpful if I share with you the kinds of questions, and thinking process that I go through in order to begin the healing of myself.

For a quick overview before I get into the questions, here’s what I think.

First is, I think about what I can do from the inside-out, or what can I let go of within me that I can set free and help me heal.

Then I think about what I can do from the outside-in, or what I can bring into my body from the outside, like special foods, pills and potions that can aide in my healing.

Too many people focus on what they can bring into their body, rather than what they can let go of.

So here are some basic questions:

How have I been doing lately, mentally/ emotionally? ..

.. has anything been bothering me or causing me a lot of frustration?..

.. is there anything that I’m resisting or very scared to face?

With those questions, I’m trying to get a sense of my mental, emotional and energetic state leading up to getting sick that will give me some idea as to what I’m dealing with.

For some, they need help connecting to these kinds of questions and that’s part of what I do in my practice.

Some people have trouble connecting to themselves in many ways, especially emotionally.

.. if you don’t know how you feel, or what state you’ve been in lately, that’s going to make healing that much more difficult.

Back to the questions

What can I “let go of” mentally/emotionally that’s bothering me that will make whatever I’m healing that much easier to pass through me?

With this question, my mindset is, how can I assist my body in helping us pass through whatever we are fighting with.

Mental/Emotional conflicts are the first place I look in helping that process..

.. because, where the mind goes, the body follows – If the mind get’s stuck, so does the body.

After getting in motion my healing from the inside-out, I then ask myself what can I do from the outside-in to help the process of healing.

.. what kind of physical things and people can help me accelerate and facilitate my healing process from the outside-in?

Right away, I go to my guy, my Chiropractor, who adjusts my spine in areas where I am stuck.

I do this in order to give my Central Nerve System a jolt that will turn my immune response and healing into high gear.

Really quick before I list some other things I do for myself.

Lot’s of people panic when they get sick

I say this because then they start taking everything under the sun in order to get rid of it..

.. and I don’t think this helps the situation, in fact, I think it only makes things worse and compounds the problem.

Back to what I do

I also take Wellness Formula vitamins from WholeFoods. These are strong vitamins that contain an amalgam of all the essential elements that fights colds and boosts our immune system..< ... and that's what we need; things that boost our immune system response, not suppress it. I eat as lightly as I can, which allows my Immune system to work on healing rather than digesting big heavy meals. I get as much rest as I can. I take naps rather then watch any T.V. - this is a biggie. So those are a few things I do and think about. To wrap this email up, I can't say enough about how important it is to make that mind- body connection. Once your body feels that you are acknowledging what's going on within yourself mentally and emotionally, it begins to "let go" of holding onto whatever it is that we are fighting. That's the nuts and bolts of my mechanics of how I approach things when I get sick. I hope this helps you and your process. Let me know how you feel about what I've written. H~