If this virus & all the associated hidden governmental agenda to spread fear in order to gain control over our behaviors has taught me one thing, it would be that a lot of these big institutions & governing bodies credibility is severely damaged; maybe even irreparable.

Before all of this began, it might be okay for some people to stay naive to the agenda of our government, the media & drug companies, but those days are gone.

Several months ago, there were two categories you’d either classify yourself as, when it came to any deeper thoughts about governmental control or Big Pharma; too busy to care or a Conspiracy Theorist – I was the former.

These days, there’s a third category that’s emerging at a rate that’s even stronger than this virus & that’s what I’m calling, the conscious or awakened.

Unlike conspiracy theorists, who always seem to have a cynical bent on everything they speak on, regardless of what it is, now there’s the conscious; and this group is starting to ask questions in areas that were previously assumed as fact, but are quickly realizing there isn’t so much of that going around.

The conscious are starting to question what the truth really is, because they’ve been pushed to the point where they were forced to take notice. And just like any new awakening about oneself or others you’ve ever experienced, you can’t un-know it once you’ve seen it – you have to face what you’re newly seeing or you’ll suffer for trying to deny it.

The days of trusting everything we’re told are long gone & the last several months have made that glaringly clear. If you’re part of the few who still think that you’re being looked out for & told that what you should do is in your best interest, you need to think again. People, parents, businesses, governments, big pharma, all have agendas they seek to push to keep their interest in place; its a survival mechanism that all of us share as a part of being human. However, having agenda isn’t necessarily bad, it’s the hidden agenda that we have to watch out for.

Take responsibility for educating yourself on all sorts of things … or deal with the good & bad consequences that come with following those who have made it clear that their agenda is hidden & not necessarily in your best interest; either way & in the end, it’s your health & life to choose, so choose wisely while you still can.