No matter how much of an expert you are at something, it’s important to learn how to come from the place of being a student to someone else’s expertise & teaching. It’s also powerful to continually learn to allow yourself the feelings that come with being vulnerable when learning something difficult. I think the vulnerability that one feels when going through that beginning learning curve, causes us to be continually humbled & to remember how others feel under our tutelage & expertise. Speaking of continually learning & being vulnerable.

Today I started practicing & learning how to speak on camera. I had my friend & branding lady, Stephanie, owner of @sociallighthouse helping me with the set up & giving me feedback. Even though I’m a really social person, my wheelhouse & strength is in a more private way; my practice is private & so is the work & conversations I have with my clients. Speaking on camera & in front of groups of people is not my strength & its been something I’ve worked on for a long time. And in the vein of continuing to learn to be more public, learning to speak on camera is a continuation to doing that kind of work with myself. I’m not sure how or where learning to speak on camera will take me, but I just felt compelled to learn to do it regardless. Stretch yourself. Continually put yourself out there to learn new things & be a student. I think there’s something transformative that takes place whenever we do that. The above video is me learning how to do Turkish get ups from my trainer friend @joshua_james99 Man, my facial expressions are ridiculous & what’s up with my stiff arm.