There are so many different kinds of noise.

There’s the physical noise of traffic, cars honking, people yelling & talking on cell phones.

There’s also the friends & family noise, constantly chirping at how we should & should not be & what we should & should not do with our lives.

Let’s not forget about the Covid-19 & political noise. The “news” has a lot to offer up in this area & it seems as if they never get tired of the narrative of how we should all be afraid if we don’t comply.

There’s the noise of things like cryptocurrency & social media that have some kind of energetic pull on us to constantly draw our attention away & distract us from our commitments & passions.

And then there’s all the mental/emotional kind of noise that can often be pervasive & sometimes verge on being obsessive, which can also be relentless. These noises vary in so many ways in the form of regrets, anxiety & shame (defined as something shouldn’t be this way).

How do we be with it all?

It takes practice to learn all the varied skills we need in order to find our way: the kinds of skills we need to acquire in order to live a healthy life. We need the ability to adapt & improvise & not get stuck in any one pattern of communication style or way of being.

This is exactly why it’s so important to learn the difference between being in Freedom vs. Survival. Learning to distinguish the two within our lives helps mitigate the volume of noise we take on. We can practice reducing the amount of noise we’re subjected to by taking control of the areas where we can do something about it & find less resistance in the areas we can’t.

We need skills similar to those of a good chess player or a black belt Jujitsu master; where they have an arsenal at countering & attacking your weaknesses in response to anything you throw at them. Or maybe like that of a dolphin, that is capable of great speeds deep beneath the water & then on a dime, able to burst high through the air only to gracefully & barely disrupt the water as it plunges back down into it.

All the noise can all be overwhelming, I don’t blame anyone for struggling these days.