Sickness is an opportunity to check in with all the places within ourselves & our lives where we’ve become disconnected & have often ignored.

It’s always a good time to do this, but when we’re sick, it’s especially vital to check in with the body to listen carefully to all its communications & its needs in order to bring it back into wellness.

The body is a communication center. It houses all kinds of communications, including those of the past, some of which are stuck inside of past-trauma, as well as a myriad of experiences we’ve long since forgotten about – but the body never forgets.

When we’re sick or just not feeling so great, it’s really important to listen up. This is a time the body is especially communicative & clear, even for the most severely disconnected people – some times the body is literally screaming at us to listen!

Pain has a way of getting our complete attention & we should learn to listen more attentively so it doesn’t have to scream so loudly in order to get it.

For some, being able to hear what their bodies are communicating might not be so easy; but it’s still essential to our wellness none the less. If we don’t work on this ability, we will constantly struggle with knowing many things that go on with our body & health; we will constantly be at the mercy of someone else telling us what’s going on, why it is happening, what we need & why we need it.