When the pandemic first began, I started writing & sharing how it poked at some old trauma, pain & fear about my past. Then it morphed into sharing about all kinds of subjects that included utilizing this sacred time to dig deep & do some serious introspection about my life, who I am being & the things I want to create; including relationship & family.

With all that intention, these past couple of days, I’ve noticed some kind of shift; a good kind, but one that comes with the discomfort & emotions that is associated by any commitment. It’s a subject that’s been coming up in several sessions recently with clients; how certain behaviors & ways of being that were tolerable up to this point, especially pre Corona virus, are no longer acceptable. It feels like things are not the same as they were before the pandemic began. I’m not saying that once things start opening up again, people will be going back to their old tricks, habits & ways of being, which they for surely will – that’s part of human behavior. But on some level, in some way, something about us will have changed; & for me, it’s been a focused intention to create that change, rather than a passive one to make sure that it happens regarding specific things in my life.

Healthy change & transformation is only reserved for those who spend money, time & energy in making sure it happens. Despite what you might think, its the one thing that can’t be bought. My most motivated clients are not necessarily the richest; nor was I when I started on this path. Transformation & emotional healing is reserved for those that are the hungriest to live a great life. And a great life is not something we’re entitled to living, it must be learned.