A lot of us are worried about our parents during this time & it’s bringing up a lot of deep feelings. For some of us, were struggling with how to deal with our feelings regarding their “behaviors” … meaning, they’re doing what they want & not necessarily staying at home & being careful & it’s driving us nuts.

Yelling at our parents cause we’re worried about them is not going to change their behavior. They’ve been around a lot longer than us & they’ve been through shit in their lives that a little anger from their kids isn’t gonna shift their behavior.

Banging on your parents is not going to ultimately take care of all the unhealed fear & anxiety that dwells deep within us. But that’s like anything in life; trying to control people’s behavior, to keep us from feeling a certain way or dealing with our issues is not going to work … but that never stops people from trying.

You’re going to have to find another way with which to talk with them & you’re going to have to let go of control & start to deal with your feelings of loss & the thought that they aren’t going to be around forever.

You might be thinking that this is a bit morbid of me to talk like this, but it’s not. Put another way; it’s healthy to let go of trying to control your parents behavior just to try & assuage you’re fears of losing them. Yelling at them is not going to help them live longer & it’s certainly not going to heal your fears in the process.

Find another way with your folks; don’t just use one method of communication style to reach them, try others. Maybe try using a little humor, it’ll probably go a long way. Deal with your feelings of worry & sadness of the possibility of not having your parents around forever. As you deal with your feelings of loss, you may or may not start to see their behaviors change; regardless, you’ll appreciate the time you have with then a whole lot more if you do … & they will too♥️