Remember, the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off … & good coaching & healing will definitely do that – it might not feel good, but it’s certainly good for you. Although, don’t let pain dictate good or bad whether something is “right” for you, let your instincts guide you. Not all healers, coaches, therapists, techniques & modalities are created equal. Some are better for certain people, at certain times in their lives, while other techniques are better suited for specific situations or needs. Each of us is attracted to that particular person or technique, because that’s what we’re looking for at that time in our life – & that’s what we can handle. There’s so many people promoting different philosophies on how to approach life & healing, but not all of them are healthy, despite the good marketing – some of it can actually be damaging & can take a lot of work to undo. Some philosophies pander to those wanting to produce wealth & get rich, while others speak to those who are looking to help them connect to being more loving. Some promote seeking the highest vibration possible, while others cater to those looking for specific skill-sets in order to attract something specific. A lot of these paths are great, but you want to make sure that you don’t mess up your emotional well-being in the process, no matter how much these methods “work” … you could end up abundant in a certain way, but end up suffering on an emotional level. If you end up emotionally damaged, no financial gain or physical achievement will sustain you in a way that can have you end up anywhere near joy in your life. Choose wisely.