I’ve never been through anything like this before, but I have been through some rough patches in my life. I’ve been stripped to a very low level with tons of fear & not much else going for me besides a never say die attitude, a determination to constantly put one foot in front of the other & a vision for what I wanted to create. When this Corona virus quarantine stuff started, I have to admit, it poked at that deep fear I remembered so well. For a brief moment, it felt like ptsd … but then I snapped out of it & thought that I’m a different person since those years of the past & I’m more skilled in so many ways that I can help others navigate in the same way I chose to in the past. I say all that as an acknowledgement to myself for all the work I put in; but mostly because I wanted to share that just as I was determined to overcome my hurdles of the past & fight to create a craft & career I had so clearly envisioned for myself, I was also obsessed with transforming who I wanted to become, especially in relationship to people & my clients lives. This isolation time has me soul-searching like that once again & maybe you will too. Regardless of the position you find yourself in, or the reason for your fear, stress or anxiety, I’d suggest committing to transforming yourself in some way. Think of this time period as a place where you can commit to change & deep transformation. You can use this time to get really clear with certain areas of your life where you want to pivot & take your life or something about it into a new direction.