It feels like we’re at the point where people’s “patience”, as we call it, is wearing thin & now for one reason or another, raw feelings are starting to surface & reveal themselves in our bodies. Right about now is the time where people’s adrenaline is starting to settle down a bit & we’re beginning to reconnect again into our bodies from everything that’s been going on. When we settle down from a time period of adrenaline, the body then begins to reveal all the stress & strain it’s been under & that can show up in many forms. Fear, stress & worry manifests in the body in a way we sometimes don’t see clearly & we start to think the worst. This would be the time to soothe your nerve system & do some therapeutic things to settle your nerves. Whether it’s a mysterious pain in your back somewhere or you’ve got a little sniffle, remain calm. Besides, what good does panicking or over-reacting do?

Fear, Worry & Panic(FW&P) are not only able to activate dis-ease in the body, but they also have the ability to create dis-ease in an otherwise physically healthy individual. Psycho – the mind, somatic – pertains to the body … how the mind effects the body. If we’re able to utilize visualization techniques to create new positive realities for ourselves, than were also able to do it in a “negative” way. Daily, we’re seeing the symptoms of the Corona virus 🦠 flash on our t.v. screen to remind us of what to be on the look out for … Onset of symptoms of Covid-19 (Dry Cough, Fever, Sore Throat, Runny Nose.) However, in times of (FW&P) even the most confident individuals start to second guess themselves & start to wonder if that little tickle in their throat or fatigue is the beginning of you acquiring it. Having said that, we must work on shedding all the (FW&P) if we’re going to find our way with all of this. (FW&P) have a way to infect our way of being & behaviors that can lead to all kinds of nasty possibilities & mistakes. It’s disastrous on the nerve system which ultimately wreaks havoc on our immune system & body.