When this Corona virus thing started, an idea quickly came to me that I’d like to share. After the initial jolt of fear subsided, I thought to myself, that however long this time period lasts, I’m going to utilize it & see it as an opportunity to heal something within myself that I wasn’t necessarily able to do pre-Corona virus. As soon as this idea came to me, I knew I had to empower it with all my being & it brought me a kind of comfort & clarity I very much needed – maybe it will for you as well. I’m a pretty vigilant person when it comes to paying attention to the kinds of things that are calling to my attention all the areas where I’m in need of healing. However & for one reason or another, “regular” life wasn’t making it easy for me to get to certain areas of myself that needed healing attention. Kind of like an itch you can’t quite scratch or reach, this Corona virus was going to help push me to make that connection. Having said that, it’s my wish that you might see this time period in a similar way. One that has us taking a hard look at certain areas of our lives or relationships that have been demanding our attention for a long time, but possibly to no or little avail. Just as I’ve been doing some deep introspection for myself, it would be wise for you to do the same; to take a closer look & an inventory into all the major categories & relationships in your life & to see where our attention is being demanded & needed. I hope this message finds you & your families well & finding your way.