Did you read my last email about being 50 & married?

I shared that to catch you up on my life … if you know me, you know it’s been easier for me to share the struggles & difficult times in my life, rather than the good times & when things are going well.

I also wanted to paint a picture of my mindset & adversity, to illustrate feeling like I was a bit of a revenant: someone who’s fought their way back from the dead. This might be a smidge dramatic, but hey, it’s my story, & it gets my point across.

Mostly I shared & expressed how I felt on the journey that led me to my current life as a way of extending an invitation.

I’m passionate about helping others on similar journeys that I’ve been on. Ones that include all kinds of things, including a reinvention of themselves in some way. Whether it be within your career or craft, something within your health & body, or something to do with your intimate life.

I have a love & passion for being in the trenches with people & in helping them find their way, just as I’ve done with myself. I’m enthusiastic about seeing what they see, & feeling what they are feeling along their way.

Not only do I get great satisfaction in guiding people on the path of finding their way, but helping others also helps me solidify all that I’ve learned, while on my own journey. I’m a perpetual student when it comes to this work.

Despite being busy within my practice, I’m always on the look out for committed people who are looking for help on their own journey. The more committed the person, the more I’m inspired to help.

If you find yourself one of these committed people, feel free to reach out.

As I’ve said before: don’t confuse being merely interested for being committed. If you’re not sure which one you are, simply refer to the argument about who’s more committed, the the pig or the chicken. While the chicken is merely interested in making eggs, it’s the pig that’s most committed, needing to give himself up in order to create bacon. Which one are you?