Without going into details about the Corona virus & how I feel this thing has been mishandled, I’ll cut straight to the anger it brought up in me & how in order to rise above the bullshit that goes on in life, you can’t bypass the anger, you must go through it. .
For some people, like myself, we are intimately connected to anger & our susceptibility to having a temper, so not allowing our anger to take over & rising above the bullshit is our challenge. For others, they are disconnected from their temper & anger about a myriad of things, so “rising above it” for them is more of a spiritual bypass, because they find that by connecting to these dark feelings, it makes them feel very uncomfortable or “less than spiritual.”

There’s work to be done for both types of people for sure, but make no mistake about it, anger is the doorway that we must pass through, in order to step into action.

We might not want to run on anger all the time, but when we first begin any new endeavor, regardless of what it is, anger is certainly the fuel source that’s going to get us moving.

To much expression of anger & it can cause ill effects with our health & bodies, while, too literal expression of it & the body will also be adversely affected because of having to hold onto it.

We all have our trauma of why we have the relationship with anger that we have, however, in order to utilize that vital fuel source to create things in our lives, we must transform our relationship with it, in one way, shape or form.