In the wake of Robin William’s death, here are some of my initial feelings and thoughts that I felt inspired to share. …besides the obvious shock and sadness!

First: Regardless of whether we know someone or not, we must remember that everyone deals with heavy stuff.

.. the kind of stuff that sits heavy on our hearts. I see a wide variety of people in my practice from those who have a lot, to those who don’t…

.. and everyone struggles with emotional pain on some level and for a variety of reasons.

So knowing this, I’m urging people to be a little kinder and a little more compassionate because we never really know how someone reacts to what we say and do when they go home.

Second: We must continue to learn about ourselves so that we can understand how we effect and have impact on people’s lives, positively and negatively.

How are we to help others if we don’t know what our impact is, what are strengths and weaknesses are, right?

Third: I would like you to consider that you’re one of two types of people in the world these days; you’re someone who needs to be a little more kind and compassionate or you’re someone who needs to stop putting up with being abused.

I know it’s difficult to categorize oneself strictly as one or the other, but for the sake of this email and your considering this message, please just play along with me.

In reality, all of us need’s to be mindful of both characters (the abuser and the abusee) depending on that particular part of our life.

Fourth: I’ve been saying this for a while now that things in the world continue to get more and more intense and I’m watching how that intensity continues to evolve and effect people.

And with that, I think it’s vital that we become mindful of how that intensity, our intensity get’s communicated with others…

..we must be more cognizant, disciplined and discerning of this intensity because lots of people are hurting these days and we don’t want to contribute to each others suffering any more than life already comes with.

Hearing of Robin’s death this week felt like a huge punch in the stomach that a lot of people felt, that I felt.

And it’s an unfortunate tragic thing that people suffer from all kinds of things especially those that they feel they need to leave this physical reality in order for them to have some hope for relief.

It’s certainly an unfortunate fact of life.

And lastly, for those who have negative things to say about him committing suicide, I’d like you to consider two things…

One, is that your logical brain could not possibly fathom what someone like him struggles with and that you can’t apply a logical explanation to a deeply painful and emotional conversation he has with himself..

.. actually you can’t do that with anyone. Logical explanations do not fit with emotional decisions.

And secondly, try considering what about your life and your past has you feeling the amount of judgment toward him that you have.. was it the fact that you’ve been abandoned by someone you loved that you still haven’t dealt with?

For anyone dealing with some kind of emotional issue and want an alternative approach or an adjunct therapy to add to your regimen, feel free to take a look at my work as it’s something that has helped me throughout my healing journey that I now share and do with others.

For those earnest in your desire for solutions about your health, feel free to write me a note about what’s going on and let’s see if I can add something that can help you along your path to a happier and healthier life.

Be kinder and gentler to others