It’s been a heck of a week filled with finding our way with this Corona virus: new developments & shifts in necessary hygiene habits, the mass amounts of fear & emotions running hi, numerous layoffs & all the various personal & professional pivots taking place because of it all. Since my last IG post, I’ve hit high gear & I’m committed & dug in to helping as many people as I can to find their way through all of this, while taking better care of myself in the process. This time has reminded me of my past when things were rough for me; and in that time, one of my favorite quotes to help me maintain perspective through it all was … “For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin – real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.” This quote helped me realize that the struggles I was going through for quite some time were my life. And much like back then, now with all this Corona virus stuff or any other struggle I might have, I’m reminded of the wisdom from this quote once again; that my life is now & not at a later better time regardless of what’s going on. Maybe this quote will help you shift your perspective during this time just as it has for me, for so many years. Maybe it’s how we live & the attitude we have that’s more important, regardless of the good or bad circumstances we may or may not encounter.