Somatic healing is the use of physical healing techniques, with the specific intention to help you connect to deeper aspects of your body & psyche, including your emotional & energetic bodies, sexual energy, as well as past trauma. It’s become more popular than ever, because people who are open & motivated to find expeditious ways to heal, are finding that utilizing the body, instead of just relying purely on traditional therapists allows for a more holistic & all encompassing approach. I’ve written it before, that Willhelm Reich, a psychoanalytic disciple of Sigmond Freud, was shunned for advocating that in order for true healing to occur, one must consider the body (this was heresy in the psychoanalytic world back then) … one must utilize the body as an instrument of healing in order to know about what’s really going on with us & how we really feel at deeper aspects of our self. Good talk therapy & coaching will help you connect emotionally & to integrate deeper in your body through communication. Somatic healing will go straight to the body & utilize it to help you connect with your emotions – they both work from different directions seeking the same objective. However, with somatic healing, control is a big element that distinguishes itself out from the difference between the two. While talk therapy is great, the patient has the ability to keep in control if they don’t choose to let go & open up. With somatic healing, the ability for the client to do the same is a lot more difficult & it becomes clear to both client & the practitioner that the client is struggling with letting go. Depending on who it is, the body can be a very scary or exhilarating place to connect with, especially on deeper levels. When doing all sorts of somatic healing work, you will start to connect with deep levels of feelings, like; grief, trauma, fear, terror, sadness, rage, anger, resentment, numbness, bitterness, etc. Depending on who it is & their particular fears & traumas, connecting with all those feelings can be scary. However, in doing that kind of work, you can start to feel more clearly why the body struggles with certain pain, ailments & sickness, because of your new found connection to deeper stuck emotions & energy – you can start to feel the interconnectedness, rather than relying on someone else to tell you what’s wrong with you.