Let’s work, massage, move, adjust, provoke & challenge your muscles, fascia, joints, tendons, ligaments & listen for all the powerful intimate, emotional communications & trauma that are stored & sometimes buried in your body – that is Somatic healing/therapy. Let’s pay close attention & listen for these golden communications as they spill out of you. Forget studying a book where we can read where certain thoughts, feelings & energies are typically stored, let’s experience it first-hand specifically with you. This work will help connect & align you in so many ways; mentally, emotionally, structurally & spiritually. It will help you connect with what you really think & feel about all kinds of things, including giving you clarity about where you’re headed in life. Let’s give the brain a break from needing to work so hard all the time, in order to come up with answers & solutions to every kind of problem we have. Let’s listen to the body for a change. Actually, let’s develop that deep connection with the body, so we can utilize that connection more & give our tired brain a break. Including the body as a vehicle for mental, emotional & spiritual therapy, to me, has always been a big component to the solution for what helps me; it seems as though the culture has finally caught up & I couldn’t be happier to see it. Wilhelm Reich, a psychoanalytic disciple of Sigmond Freud, said “that in order for true healing to occur, the body must be included in the therapeutic process.”