This is certainly true for my work, especially the bodywork portion of it. I saw a new client recently & this inspiring subject came up … I can share how Maori healing bodywork is like deep tissue massage & that it helps people to connect emotionally, so sometimes you can cry, laugh hysterically or even get really pissed off – but that doesn’t really do it justice. It’s like trying to explain to someone what swimming is like, you have to experience it. You’re not supposed to totally understand it, that’s the point; it’s not supposed to be cognitively understood, it’s supposed to be experienced on a bodily level. And that’s also the problem; we’re always trying to understand everything with our mind, that we fail to allow ourselves to feel with our bodies to see what it desires & to check in with our instincts & our intuition – we don’t “trust” that part of ourselves.

So what does all this mean?

It means that my work is for those people who somehow FEEL that something about me or my methods for healing somehow is going to be the solution for their needs. It’s for those people who follow their intuition & curiosity. For so many reasons, including unhealed trauma, a lot of people are cut off from their bodies, intuition & instincts because trauma causes distrust & that distrust scrambles the connection. This work heals that part of you where you’ve disconnected from your feelings, your intuition & instincts & it looks to reconnect & integrate you with all of it. In doing that kind of healing work, people work through all kinds of feelings, fears & insecurities.

The work can be deep, but the benefits are beyond explanation. Yes people can be afraid of this work, but all I have to say is, what’s the alternative … living a life in quiet desperation, holding onto suffering & avoiding all kinds of areas of life while repeating the same dysfunctional patterns because of these unhealed wounds?

No thanks, I’d rather find my way through the pain of doing the deep work, rather than suffer a lifetime of it.