Anger is healthy & an integral part of healing … never let anyone tell you otherwise.

I’m not a member of AA, nor am I a practicing Buddhist, so take what I’m saying with a grain of salt. It’s often relayed to me by clients that some of these teachings tend to shame people for experiencing & expressing anger during their healing journey. Often times they would be met with a response saying something about how their anger is a sign that they are doing something wrong & they should re-examine their commitment.

I’m not sure if it’s the “program” or some people’s interpretation of the teachings they are learning, however I want to share how vital, being able to express your feelings of anger is for ones healing journey.

This is textbook spiritual bypassing. This idea that one must get to gratitude in order to evolve & become awakened, all the while bypassing anger along the way. Doing this creates character disorders & becomes painfully obvious to those who are on the outside of these people’s peer groups where they learn this unhealthy behavior.

Anger is vital. It gets things started. It’s the ingredient you reach for when you’ve fucking had it up to here! & you want to shift a particular way of being or some unhealthy habit you have.

You certainly don’t want to stay stuck on anger, that’s true, but it’s vital to have it available & on hand when needed & necessary to express.

The more experienced you get, you find yourself just going straight to the sadness & grief which is where everything stems from, regardless of what it is. Sadness is anger turned outward & anxiety is sadness turned inward. It’s all sadness anyway. Stop bypassing.