There are those people who you know that act like victims where they aren’t ones … & yes it’s annoying AF. But here’s the thing, to stop acting like a victim where you aren’t one in your current life, you would have to acknowledge where you actually have been a victim in your past. When someone doesn’t see it or refuses to acknowledge where they’ve been a victim in the past, it makes it very difficult for them to see it or even let go of how they’re acting like one in their present. I see this with clients all the time & it always seems to play out in the way I just explained above. I was reminded of the subject yesterday while I was practicing speaking on camera at home. I found myself having this weird energy like I was a victim & being forced to practice doing these videos – which I was not. I was sounding like a victim, which, let’s just say I’m not a big fan of sounding like unless I’m acting like one for fun😉

Hearing myself sound like that, shifted me into my feelings, instead of continuing sounding like a victim. I got connected to some real feelings, which then quickly aligned me in a good way. I used to hate the word victim, but I’ve come a long way with it for sure. A lot of people have a difficult time acknowledging where they’ve been a victim in the past. For some, they feel they are being disloyal to their parents or whoever else; there’s probably many others reasons for this for sure. And then there are those that can’t stop acting like a victim, which for most of us, as you know is not easy to tolerate. Victim is a very powerful word in our vocabulary to heal in our way of thinking about it, relating to it, using it & the way we feel about it. I’m thinking that our relationship with how we relate to it says a a lot about us & from a therapeutic level is worth examining.