Justin Bieber fans, don’t kill me for talking about our boy, I’m a belieber & just want to bring to light a very important subject. There was an article that came out yesterday of JB’s wife defending the Beibs for his health struggles & subsequent delays with his album & touring release because of it. He went on to say that he’s been battling depression, but couldn’t figure out the source of it until he was recently diagnosed with Lymes disease. I’ll cut straight to my thoughts about it for the sake of time; but before I do, let me share that my passion, curiosity & profession is in being able to see the correlation & connection of how mental & emotional issues relate to ones physical body & health. It’s common for people to down-play the physical affects that depression & anxiety have on their bodies. It’s also common to want to believe that there must be something else or more severe going on as to why they are struggling & suffering so much. When this frustration, resistance, & search for how there must be something else continues, they often put pressure on medical doctors to come up with another reason or diagnosis, even though the answer has already been given. Anxiety & depression are serious enough of a diagnosis that calling it something else is not necessary. The problem is, when the diagnosis is that simple, the shame the “patient” experiences, often has them not being able to accept it. They confuse simple for easy & as anyone who reads my stuff knows, that’s one of my favorite lines – never confuse simple for easy. Big mistake. It seems like JB might be struggling in a similar way like what I’ve just explained. Consistent with that, he was given the diagnosis Lymes disease to account for his struggles. I’m not poo pooing the diagnosis, Lymes disease, I’m poo pooing it’s usage. There seems to have been a lineage of diagnosis to explain ones anxiety or depression; it’s now Lymes Disease, and before that it was Fibromyalgia, before that it was Adrenal fatigue, & before that chronic fatigue; I’m not sure what it was before that.

I personally would never downplay or dismiss the simplicity of anxiety or depression, especially these days. I say this, because I think that we’re in a new world & anxiety & depression are stronger than ever, for many reasons of which I won’t go into. It ain’t easy to be a sensitive soul in this new world. There’s so much intense energy to process daily & current events to deal with, it’s no wonder so many sensitives struggle. As for the Biebs, I don’t blame him one bit for his struggles & I sympathize. I think he’s only 25 years old, just married to a 21 year old, millions of dollars, fans & celebrity, it’s gotta be overwhelming to process & integrate, it would be for anyone.

Through the kind of bodywork that I was taught to do with people, I’ve personally felt first hand & connected with a lot of my own unresolved feelings & energies that can lay deep within the body.
I’ve connected with those unresolved issues & energies & have made some connections of my own as to where they came from. And when you can do this for yourself, you would instantly have more compassion & understanding for where others struggles come from. The body will express itself regardless of what we do & one of its ways is with anxiety & depression. Remember, everything that shows up in our mind, shows up in our bodies, regardless if we choose to deal with it or not. Whether I’m correct or not about the Beibs is irrelevant, I hope he continues to heal; and taking note of some of things I shared is important regardless.