One way that I’m personally surrendering, is with being more public, especially when it comes to doing things on camera & with video like the kind you see above.

One reason why I’ve been hesitant is that it doesn’t represent the “magic” that my clients & I experience when we’re together in session; I’m a harsh critic, that if it doesn’t have that same feeling, it ain’t worth putting out to have “the public” see & I’ll lose “credibility”.

Unlike in my private sessions with all kinds of clients throughout the years, I have little to no “noise” about how I come off when working with them.

However, when I step out of the private realm with my clients & into the public space, especially that of speaking on camera, I’m not as facile & “wise.”

Being more public has been part of my healing journey for quite sometime & one of the areas I’m surrendering to. I’ve felt compelled to take all my years of knowledge, experience, practice, study, sessions with myself & others, & set out publically in order to share more & interact with various people.

There’s something that compels me to play & interact more publicly with people, even though my inner critic shakes his head at me, saying something like, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Well, as I always do & this is no different, I’m heeding the fair warning ⚠️ by my inner critic & I’m surrendering to & venturing out anyway.

Regardless of those who know me to be a very personable person with all kinds of people, I feel like I’m at the bottom of the mountain, starting a new adventure with which to grow in. Cheers to surrendering.

For all those experienced people who’ve helped others like myself with improving their abilities on camera, feel free to give me constructive criticism along the way.