Tears of grief and relief?

Read on ..

A client recently shared with me while crying tears of grief and relief how they have spent the last 20 or so years of their life mourning the loss of a certain part of themselves..

..that young innocent part that was full of possibility.

And they went on to say how a bigger more powerful part of them has never been able to emerge in their adult life because of this past trauma.

They also went on to say how because of our work together they are now able to feel that part of themselves again and this new emerging sense of power because of it.

And that even though they are crying and grieving over what they now realize and the loss of so much time, they also feel liberated on the deepest level of them.

It’s sessions with clients like this that bring new inspiration to my work and me.

Unhealed past trauma has a way of keeping parts of us frozen within, making aspects of our lives impossible to succeed in…

… read that last line again, because it’s very true.

And when those traumas are brought to light, so do the possibilities that were buried in our bodies for so long.

Indeed, that was a good day for us.