If the Germ theory of disease were true, there’d be no one living to believe it.“
B.J. Palmer, the creator of Chiropractic.

Now, more than ever, the way this country thinks about health & healing needs a radical transformation.

Germs, microorganisms & cancer are not enemies to be fought against … you’d think we’d get that by now, but apparently we’re still holding strong to beliefs that produce poor results; & now were seeing the accumulation of those poor results: cancer rates continue to rise as do chronic illnesses & auto-immune disorders.

We must change our thinking & relationship with germs from adversary to that of mutual understanding; we rely on each other to ensure that we adapt & ultimately grow to be stronger versions of ourselves.

The Germ Theory, as followed in Western/Allopathic medicine, was popularized by Louis Pasteur. It has us thinking that microorganisms are the cause of disease & need to be eliminated if we are to be well. It’s the seed, not the soil, they say the problem is.

Terrain Theory, which is commonly accepted in holistic preventive health, was taught by Pasteurs friend, Claude Bernard. It states that microorganisms are not the cause of disease, but that unhealthy tissue in our bodies from unhealthy living is the problem that brings diseases to us; it’s the environment within us that creates & attracts disease. We say it’s the soil, not the seed that needs to be paid more attention to.

Never before in the history of vaccines has a vaccine ever ended a pandemic. In fact, many of them to this day often cause the virus of that time period to get worse. Many viruses ran their course of virulence long before the vaccine was created.

This communication isn’t about whether you receive the vaccine for COVID-19 or not, nor is it about vaccines at all, it’s about changing the paradigm of what wellness looks like.

The Germ theory has never proven itself to be an overall effective method for approaching long term health & healing & yet we hold strong to its continued poor results because we’re too lazy (or scared) to look deeper than to a shot or a pill as a solution.

Stop placing your hope outside of yourself, thinking that vaccines & pills are our savior. Taking care of the soil/the environment within ourselves is where we must focus our attention.

COVID-19 & its associated shutdown isn’t just about a virus, it’s about the way this country approaches health, wellness, sickness & death. It’s time we re-evaluate what actually works & what we’re too afraid to consider are the real problems.

Upon his death bed, Pasteur admitted, “Bernard was right: the pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything”.