It was my 48th birthday yesterday & I feel fantastic.

Soapbox: I fought like hell to feel this way & I always will. You’re not entitled to feel “good”; you have to earn it daily. It’s a mentality more than it is anything else. I believe people have to be taught how to feel good & to learn how to live a good life; that’s certainly been true for me. There’s skills to learn & develop in order to navigate life gracefully. I can’t imagine my life without the education I’ve received from all the coaches, teachers & mentors I’ve had throughout the years. They put so much time & energy into me, just as I do with others. I’ll always be grateful for that relationship between mentor & student. Like I’ve said before, I thrive within that context & I can’t imagine living any other way.

Many people obtain various skills & experience in life, like, the ability to make a lot of money, develop a specific craft or skill, being a Mom, the list is endless … but how many people seek to learn all those skills like how to navigate & create a life of purpose, meaning & contentment?

All this to say; thank you so much to all my teachers, clients, friends – new & old for all the happy birthday wishes. All the texts, WhatsApp messages, FaceTime, Zoom, Facebook & IG messages. Thank you. I thought about all the fun moments we’ve shared together & it felt good & it warmed my heart all day.

Thank you for helping make it a great birthday 🎂