⚡️Just because we’re getting criticized, doesn’t mean the information is correct. Relax yourself & try to to hear what’s underneath the criticism; it might just have to do with their own struggle.

⚡️Regardless if it’s true or not, become bulletproof & learn to be able to hear whatever it is regardless if it’s true or not.

⚡️If the info is correct, great, free coaching. Take it & grow.

⚡️If the feedback is good, but the delivery sucks, focus on extracting the feedback & leave out the rest.

⚡️Discipline yourself to developing thicker skin so you can receive the benefits of people’s opinions.

⚡️Shut down all those people you feel are toxic & don’t try to extract any benefit from the communication. Protect your energy.

⚡️If you hear similar communications from different sources, pay closer attention to what’s being said.

⚡️Pay more attention to those people who have credibility in a given area of expertise, rather than someone strutting out their authority who has little actual credibility in a given area. This is a “Core Confusion” of Credibility vs. Authority.