When you start to engage in emotional healing work with yourself, you begin to find that you don’t need as many physical “things” to fill the voids of all those emotional wounds you used to carry around.

You also start to see a reduction of addictive behaviors that have been covered up by emotional issues & trauma.

It also reduces making repetitively poor choices that stem from stunted & deeply wounded places.

Emotional healing helps with your physical health & body. Whatever shows up in the mind, shows up in the body, so taking a look at unresolved issues & trauma could be part of the solution to taking care of your physical well-being.

Doing this kind of healing directly affects your ability to build healthier emotionally connected relationships. Without developing & healing in this way, it would leave people unknowingly acting out bad familial habits, patterns & traumas without much hope for change.

Lastly, while evolving & healing on an emotional level, we find ourselves no longer able to be around people who exhibit the same destructive characteristics we once previously acted out. It’s impossible to evolve emotionally & not need to reevaluate the company we keep that can often keep bad habits in place.

No matter how compelling or long the list that I compile is (I could go on & on), the number of people who commit to doing healing on this level is relatively small. This is not a knock on those who do not take part in this kind of healing, but rather it’s a nod to those who do. Healing on this level is no easy task & at times can be downright painful. However, consider that it’s just as painful & even more so to not change; resisting pain & change is suffering because the resistance is our doing.