Meaning, regardless of how much we try & rationalize our feelings away, our bodies store a kind of truth in how we really feel deep down inside. Rationalizations are the minds way of trying to trick the body into how to feel; the body doesn’t communicate in rationalizations, only the mind is capable of that. Back to what I was saying … With those feelings, the body stores them in certain areas depending on the kind of feeling & its corresponding body part. Despite the storage of these feelings as a way that the body expresses itself, our bodies also seek to connect us with experiences, people & things that attract us to one another, based on these deeper unexpressed feelings. Meaning, if you have unresolved shit you haven’t dealt with, it’s going to show up in your physical life somewhere. Some area or facet of your life is going to reveal these deeper unresolved feelings. Our physical life is an extension of our physical bodies, in that, both correlate & seem to mirror one another; what shows up in our bodies, shows up in our lives. Our physical bodies are our physical life. When trying to manifest & create new things for yourself in 2020, we must dig deep for the truth in how we really feel about the things we want to change. Its only from those deeper truths that we can ground in the reality of where we’re really beginning from, as apposed to constantly trying to promote to others & ourselves about where we think we are. Find ways to tap into deeper emotions by all kinds of means & methods. Find out out these truths. The kind of work that I do, does exactly that; it helps my clients connect to deeper aspects of themselves, in order to see & feel certain things they didn’t know was happening.