Everyone likes to be acknowledged, why would the body would be any different?

At our core, everyone likes to be seen, heard & acknowledged. It can be uncomfortable to be seen in certain ways or circumstances, especially in those moments of great shame. But it’s my opinion that we deeply appreciate it none the less.

Our bodies crave the same exact thing, although the difference is the body doesn’t have shame, opinions or commentaries attached to it … it simply responds in the form of symptoms & pain for not having our complete attention.

The body responds to whatever it’s dealing with & its up to us to connect with & acknowledge those bodily responses in order to reconnect our attention with our bodies & bring us back into relationship with it.

Just as with any relationship, when we don’t feel seen, heard or acknowledged, we get reactive, & the body is no different. The body does this because it doesn’t feel aligned or connected with our attention & just like with most people, it will keep reacting stronger & stronger until it gets the attention it needs.