The body is a communication center that houses all kinds of vital experiences, memories, traumas, desires & communications … & connecting with them is imperative for optimal health & healing to occur.

If what shows up in our (crazy) minds, also shows up in the body, then we can surely expect the body is always communicating with us about something … if only we would listen to it – the body talks.

The body also holds onto things we’ve experienced, but have unconsciously forgotten about; things we’ve unknowingly rationalized as a defense mechanism to protect us from dealing with the emotional pain.

More simply put, the body always remembers.

And it does so, regardless of what we’ve unknowingly done to deal with it all.

Instead of being dismissive, we can learn to interpret the signals that the body uses to communicate with us.

It may use weight issues, some kind of body pain, a random symptom & even a condition or disease … the body is always expressing itself.

If we merely think of the body as being a separate entity from our emotions, randomly experiencing symptoms, we will surely be missing out on great conversations.