For one reason or another, the writing appears to be on the wall; Covid-19 is going nowhere & we’d better get used to it. Just like many other virus that still remain with us to this day, we’ve grown to accept them without question; we’ve also found a way to cohabitate & live with them, despite having to change our life styles in order to do it. ⁣

The rabbit-hole goes way too deep to delve into as to why it came about in the first place, how infectious it really is, what the true numbers are & what kinds of people are getting sick … but I’m more focused on how it’s being handled & told we should deal with it. ⁣

This culture is not healthy in certain ways, one of which is how overly medicated we are, especially when it comes to vaccines & antibiotics. We’re way to reliant on western medicine as a solution for all sorts of ailments, so much so that our immune systems are weaker than ever before. But that’s not the real problem, the real issue is that we have more faith in medicine to heal us & not enough in the innate power of healing within us. ⁣

This quarantine is showing us many things. For starters, if you believe everything you see on television, you’re not interested in knowing the truth. Another is that, the propagation of fear by the media, our government & medicine in order to control our behaviors is more harmful & with longer lasting effects than the virus could ever be. ⁣

This mentality of cultivating our fear in order to control our behaviors is a sick mentality that breeds cowardice, weakness & codependence within us. ⁣
Anyone who tries to step outside of this consciousness has to independently educate themselves & to learn how to develop a massive resistance to this cultures way of dealing with anything different than what’s promoted. ⁣

It’s not easy being a part of the culture & not loyal to it, at the same time.