We’ve been saturated in the reporting of fear for 18 months; and despite our viewpoints on COVID-19, or the varying fear level each of us may have about it, everyone was connected to it.

This time period pushed people to connect with deeper fears within themselves that go far beyond the shutdown. Each of us had our own individual portal through which we were forced to face our fears: health concerns & worries about loved ones; relationship issues; isolation, disconnection & loneliness; money & job loss issues; or perhaps deeper primal or existential fears lurking beneath the surface.

For the most part, I don’t feel that people are skilled to know how to discharge or clear fear from their bodies they’ve held onto for all this time … if in fact they are connected to it in the first place.

The problem with not releasing fear held in our nervous systems & bodies is that it creates stored tension which leads to a dis-eased environment. That amount of fear, tension, inflammation & dis-ease creates an environment within us that sets in motion dysfunctional habits & patterns. If that is left uncorrected & unexpressed, it will lead to bigger health problems & bigger dysfunctional patterns down the road.

The fallout of this unexpressed fear & tension will find a lot of people struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic illness, auto-immune issues & very dysfunctional habits. The magnitude will be at a level that will outweigh the number of those affected by COVID-19 for many years to come.

Regardless of how you’ve viewed this time, one thing becomes glaringly clear: Darwin was correct … it’s survival of the fittest & those who have the greatest ability to adapt & improvise will be just fine, while those who are clutching to keeping things as they were will slowly fade away.