It’s not that I don’t believe the Corona virus is a real thing, because I do, I just don’t believe it’s anything more than a specific strain of influenza virus going around. We’ve been through this cycle so many times, but with a different name attached to it … each time a new name comes up & people forget & panic. In 2009 it was H1N1/the swine flu, the bird flu, SARS, that bacterial flesh eating disease thing; the list goes on & the cycle will probably continue till the end of time. I’m not being dismissive, but I’m merely pointing out that a bigger point might need to be made here. Fear is big business, especially for certain entities. It pays to create fear & then sell us solutions for that fear; to use fear to control our habits & behaviors & influence what we will do to prevent our fears from coming true. I could go on & on, but I won’t because it’s too deep a rabbit hole to go into, plus I’ve got clients to see. Suffice to say, propagating fear is big business & it always has. Have you had your flu shot lately? That stuff is full of toxic stuff that’s not designed to heal you or build your immune system. When you get a chance, find out whats exactly in it. Medication, antibiotics, & vaccines are overly utilized because of fear & big business. Viruses are smart & continue to live, adapt & improvise throughout time in spite of these, because that’s their design. Some might say that as we increase our usage of these things, viruses become stronger & medicine becomes less effective. Do things to build your immune system, not weaken it. Medicine is vital & necessary for sure, but not to the extent this culture over utilizes it. Basic physiology says that this over-utilization of medicine tends to weaken our immune system, because it doesn’t need to work as hard. And that weakening of our immune system causes atrophy, which makes us more susceptible to Corona or whatever “virus” is introduced.

Fear can be also be a virus in it of itself