Our lives are a byproduct of everything we say yes & no to.

This is one of the bigger premise I consistently have on my mind.

It keeps me accountable to the things I’m committed to creating & the kind of man I’m working on becoming.

It “burns” or gnaws at me every time I do something that is contrary to my commitments. The time I am allowed to spend doing anything less than this, continues to shorten. I can feel my body is not able to tolerate any behavior that is less than the kind of things I’m committed to.

The Razor’s Edge mentality is this idea that when someone is committed to creating something new in their life, they reduce all their “options” & lesser ways of being, for the sake of real “possibilities”; thus, living on a proverbial razors edge – the loss they are committing to because of all the options that are no longer available to partaking in.

What, at first glance looks like ones life becomes more & more reduced, leaving less options, more pain & less fun, becomes the opposite; more deeply liberating, real deep contentment & only real possibilities as a way of life.

The universe or God, somehow responds to those things were committed to creating, especially if it’s in alignment with our path & highest good. However, when we act in contradictory ways, these forces get confused by what we’re actually committed to. In turn, these forces let go of co-creating new possibilities & it defaults to our old patterns & ways of being by sending us more of the same kind of options were committed to holding onto.

Being able to say no to things, even though we don’t have anything as a backup can be a scary feeling; but it’s vital none the less.

Also, saying yes to things we might not be confident in, but are committed to figuring out, is also just as powerful; that’s throwing your hat over the wall.

Be aware of everything you say yes & no to, these are powerful words that must not be underestimated.