The young daughter of my first teacher was asked “what do your mom & Harold do in those sessions?” To which she responded, “Oh, they figure out life together – he cries, yells & laughs a lot.” … 20 years later, not much has changed, other than now I’m doing it with others. Life is good.

I thrive in the player/coach construct; I don’t know any other way to live … nor would I want to. Even when I’m coaching, I’m always committed to learning & growing – I’m a student for life.

I’m a big believer in getting coached & receiving guidance by those who have what I want. I love the idea of not wasting time, so studying & being taught by those who have had real life experiences from creating the kinds of things that I’d like to achieve is attractive to me.

A therapist’s credibility comes from a body of education, whereas a coach & a healer’s credibility comes from a body of experience. Not that therapists can’t be brilliant at what they do, but I’ve just always gravitated to those who have walked the talk.

For the last 20 years I’ve loved being in the trenches with my clients, just as I’ve experienced this for myself. There’s something about being able to locate exactly where someone is struggling, just as I’ve experienced similar things in my life.

I thrive within that kind of relationship where we can experience all kinds of things together; all the emotions: the triumphs & defeats, the resistance & the fear. I love experiencing those things together in ways that have us being able to reveal our essence & true selves.