So I’ve got good news; my Maori friends are coming into town and I’m going to be hosting them on Saturday and Sunday March 17th and 18th.

Hosting means that I’m setting up healing appointments/sessions for you to partake in receiving from them.

Most of you know that one of my dear teachers, Manu is no longer with us, but my other teacher Ata is going to be coming out; as well as Charlotte (I met and spent a good chunk of time with Charlotte a few years ago when I visited New Zealand, where I attended the Maoris first ever, teaching and cultural workshop.)

It takes a village to help me develop; and that includes getting help from these two powerful women.

I’ve had and continue to have people, teachers, mentors, coaches and therapists in my life, all of whom contribute to the kind of man and “Healer” I’ve become today.

And with that said, the Maori teachings and bodywork style has long since been a staple in my education and “therapy-diet” for what it’s taken to get me here.

The bodywork is unique in its ability to help facilitate and integrate together, the physical, emotional and energetic healing.

At the same time, it’s helped me feel and connect how talk-therapy and coaching conversations relate to my body and overall healing and life.

I’ve been receiving bodywork of this nature for well over 15 years and I can’t imagine not having it as a part of my life and overall healing regimen.

I’ve used it as a vehicle for a kind of cathartic or primal expression and communication to let things rip that were bothering me inside.

I’ve used it to help me connect to deeper traumas, conversations and rhetoric I didn’t know were still left unhealed and holding me back from success in certain areas of my life.

I’ve used it for many reasons, and I’m inviting you to consider utilizing it as well, and taking advantage of having them come all the way from NZ to be here with us.

Life is not easy; with the fast changing and complicated world, technology, media, and the speed with which bad news constantly travels faster and faster, it takes a lot to keep us sane and healthy in this world.

If you’re interested in receiving a session with the Maori, you can reply to this email with your full name, cell number and the days and times that you prefer. If you have a friend or family member that you feel would benefit from this kind of work, feel free to have them do the same thing or simply email me at

First and foremost, this work is for those who are committed to healing and change.

It’s for those who struggle with some kind of body pain, physical illness, emotional or energetic blockage, fertility and assorted female issues, and those who are in need of some kind of alternative advice toward their particular healing issue that this culture doesn’t represent.

For those who are more detailed oriented people and are in need of additional information, here’s some interesting info of the work explained by the Maori.

Maori Healing:

Ko Miri – Call forth the knowledge codes held in the body and activate the life essence.

Takutaku – (spoken), Taa Miri- listen to the trauma in the body.

Mahi aa pona – Joint articulation – how to open and free the joints.

Mirimiri – to stimulate.

Tiwawe – Moving the internal waters (the wellspring of the body) Releasing internal stagnation.

Waiata – Sound / song / actions with the song (moving and learning)

Romiromi – (Maori Bodywork)- use nature to do deep releasing bodywork to re-balance the body and free the spirit. Experience the “living works” of ancestral teachings through the Maori Healers.

This ancient art of Maori Healing is passed from generation to generation and releases negative energy, physical, psychological, and generational pain held in the cellular memory of the body.

It involves working with tissue alignment, pressure points, nerve centers and muscle tissue.

It stimulates the internal organs, bones, blood and muscles, releasing and removing toxic buildup and waste relieving tension, stress, and pain in the body.


Where: Corazon Performing Arts Studio.

125 South Topanga Canyon Blvd

Topanga, Ca.90290

When: Saturday & Sunday March 17th and 18th

How much: $200 cash

Looking forward to seeing you soon,