⚡️Arguing to prove them wrong, as opposed to being curious about how they might be correct about something.

Not agreeing with everything is healthy; in fact some need to learn this, however not knowing the difference between fighting for something vs. fighting against something is key.

⚡️Failing to look at your own behavior, while only focusing on theirs.

Only looking to correct their behavior is not going to help you grow your life.

⚡️Being unaccountable for your passivity or aggressiveness during sessions.

Neither is good or bad, however when we are unaware of how we are being, especially during sessions, that’s where growth is available to us.

⚡️Constantly needing an explanation as to why you’re getting certain coaching, rather than simply taking the coaching.

A good player doesn’t constantly demand the reasons for why they are receiving the coaching, before they decide to take it. Good players work to figure it out.

Provided that you’ve determined that your coach is always serving your best interest, it’s time to start looking at yourself to see why you keep halting the process.

⚡️Making the coach responsible for your lack of results.

The coach is accountable for your results, not responsible. You’re responsible for your results & life. Knowing the difference between accountability vs. responsibility is key.

⚡️Not considering your coach when making big decisions in areas of your life where you historically aren’t strong

The way to get stronger is by running those decisions by them, so together they can track your progress in improving those areas of your life where you tend to struggle.

⚡️Not taking the coaching & simply doing what you want to do.

Either you flat out want to disregard the coaching & prefer to do something that’s not in your best interest OR you struggle with creating a healthy coaching relationship, which reveals how you occur in other intimate relationships in your life. Where you struggle with your coach, is where you likely struggle with others.