Being a coach or healer is not an exact science. If it needs to be categorized, it’s more of an art, than anything else.

Helping people can be tricky business. All of us have outdated alliances with unhealthy habits that no longer serve us; but because they’ve served us in certain situations of our past, we think they still work. Left unchecked, we can fail to actually look to see if that’s actually true.

It takes a lot of training, skill & intuition to help people … & even with that, things can be tricky.

Helping people move through pain, disconnection, trauma, fears, insecurities & blocks of all kinds, is no easy task. And sometimes things can get messy … but all that is part of the work.

This kind of “messy” relationship creates a fertile ground for healing to occur. It’s through these interactions with one another that we can see what our tendencies are. Through conflict, we can sift through & see what’s “yours” & what’s “mine” – if you’re willing to look at yourself & do that kind of work.

We often learn about ourselves through others’ eyes. We need this reflection & feedback of us to begin to see certain things about ourselves that we might not have realized before. We need the darkness, to know the light; the sorrow to know true joy; the chaos to know the peace. We need contrast & we need each other in order to thrive on any level.

It’s not easy work to look into oneself & take notice of our shame, insecurities or to uncover painful things of our past that still wreak havoc on our present … but what’s the alternative?